Community Living – We all need support & encouragement, sometimes a ‘shoulder to cry on’ or someone to share our day with.  When we come together in community we are generally more effective, happier & healthier.   When we live in community we can find a sense of belonging & connection, security & interaction, friendship & cooperation, sharing of resources, competition & sometimes even employment.  It’s not always easy but it is necessary…

Individually we have our own personal community within (our health), we can consider the impact of our behaviour, our consumption & our lifestyles on our internal health as well as those in our immediate communities & wider communities.  That can be as simple as watching what you eat & exercising, saying ‘hello’ to our neighbours, sharing a meal or excess garden produce to being conscious of protecting wildlife & your plastic consumption.

Community groups living together can be as varied & unique as the people within the communities, sharing various spaces, purpose built areas or even homes.  It asks us to come together & work for a common goal &/or purpose, some large, some small.

Community living gives us opportunities to think beyond ourselves & hold a perspective larger than our own.