If you’re planning a renovation or a building or development project, you will need a structural engineer.

Verdant Engineering is a company that cares about homes, buildings & our environment.  We work with cost efficiency & we consciously strive for low social & environmental impact.

We can:

  • re-design your existing plans to decrease cost & increase sustainability aspects for ongoing cost savings & low environmental impact
  • help you design & build a sustainable home while taking the time to make it happen & recommending sustainable builders &/or tradespeople
  • help you with sustainable renovations & improvements to your existing building
  • help you with council application processes
  • inspect you property (site) to investigate & diagnose problems with your current home, such as: cracking walls, leaning or damaged retaining walls or dampness.

We offer engineering advice, design, drafting & certification

We have experience with residential, commercial, industrial & public projects (as well as a few unusual ones to!)


Bec is passionate about engineering & building greener futures.  She brings together almost 20 years of experience in industry know-how to assist you with your project.

Rebecca Barton, BE(Civil), MIEAust 312859

We are also an active Professional on The Green Fabric platform – facilitating & promoting sustainable community building & living.